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As a guest on Fran Spencer’s A League of Our Own radio show, I quickly realized that she deeply cares about women’s issues and is also an experienced and highly professional interviewer. Fran’s relaxed and upbeat style made for such a interesting and lively exchange that our time went by far too quickly for me. As a result of doing Fran’s show twice, I am more confident about being interviewed. Thanks for the lesson, Fran!

Beth Meixner
Moxxie Network
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I had the special privilege of being interviewed by Fran Spencer for her wonderful and informative show. Our interview was based on the book I co-authored, Intuitive Eating. Not only did I have a great time participating in this interview, but many of my colleagues and clients who were able to listen to the program have raved about how enjoyable it was for them. They just loved Fran’s sense of humor, rich voice, and pointed questions. She made it so easy for me to respond to her questions, as they were clear and had a steady rhythm. I felt encouraged to “speak my truth” and was thrilled to have the opportunity to have my message heard.

Elyse Resch, M.S.,R.D.,F.A.D.A.
Nutrition Therapist
Co-author, Intuitive Eating
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Besides being a Career Coach, I am the host of a radio show, so I know what goes into planning and executing an effective interview. Having been a guest on one of WRHU’s A League of Our Own shows, I can tell you that Fran Spencer is an excellent host and producer; she brings out the very best in her guests. Her insightful questions reveal her quest for ways to inform and inspire her audience. She is all about empowering women both those in her audience and the young women whom she mentors at WRHU. It was a pleasure working with her.

Maggie Mistal
“Host of Making a Living”
with Maggie SIRIUS 112/XM 157
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It has been my privilege to be invited to be a guest on Fran Spencer’s superb program, A League of Our Own. Although I am a frequent guest on many radio and television programs, the experience at WRHU with Fran and her student team is unique unto itself. It is an absolutely first-rate station, and Fran directs a program that mentors and prepares young women to go forward with confidence and skills. We talk often about milestones in women’s history, in the second wave of feminism – the books that were published, the laws enacted, the number of women advancing – A League of Our Own belongs in the pantheon of these achievements. I hope for all of us – listeners, students and those of us lucky enough to be guests – that this extraordinary program will continue to thrive and to receive the acclaim and awards that are so deserved.
Brava Fran! And to the entire team at A League of our Own!

Alida Brill
Author and Advocate for Girls and Women
Dancing at the River’s Edge
Schaffner Press, 2010
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