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A League of Our Own

Fran Spencer has been a staff member of WRHU since 2001. WRHU is Long Island’s oldest non-commercial radio station. It broadcasts from the campus of Hofstra University located in Hempstead, New York. WRHU broadcasts at 88.7 FM and worldwide on the web at

A League of Our Own is one of WRHU’s public affairs programs. It specifically is a women’s issues program. It is Co-produced by Fran Spencer and Ed Ingles.

A League of Our Own is a show dedicated to exploring issues significant to women. One on one interviews and panel discussions are devoted to the contributions, concerns and influence of women on politics, society, business and pop culture. The show is hosted by Fran Spencer.

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Summary of past shows:

Women Military Veterans: Attention Must Be Paid
Psychotherapist Mary Ragan talks about the how and why of the theatre piece she has produced with Beverly Coyle titled, “In Our Own Voice.” “In Our Own Voice” is a series of enlightening monologues created from the words and experiences of women military veterans.

Girl Scouts: 100th Anniversary and Gold Girls:
You think you know about the Girl Scouts? There is so much you don’t know. The high school scouts called the Ambassadors are trained to be leaders in their communities and challenged to take on huge, awe-inspiring, “make a difference” undertakings called Gold Projects.

Career Coach Maggie Mistal:
Maggie talks about discovering your passion and using it to create a fulfilling career

Intuitive Eating:
Interview with author Elyse Resch about her “Revolutionary Program that Works.”

What is on the minds of young women today? (Part 1 and Part 2)
Panel discussion comprised of college women and recent graduates and their views on politics, education, family, independence, careers.

Women in Sports Broadcasting:(Part 1 and Part 2)
Former CBS Sports Director Ed Ingles,WFAN’s Ann Liguori and up and comer sportscaster Shannon Bennet discuss women in sports broadcasting “then” and “now”

Eating Disorders:
Twentysomething Leslie Lipton discusses her teenage experience with anorexia and her book Unwell; Trisha Gura, PhD discusses adults with eating disorders and her book Lying in Weight.

Barbie is 50:
A Pop Icon Reflects Feminist Evolution: An intergenerational discussion of the impact of the Barbie doll including an interview with feminist/ author/social critic Alida Brill

Carol Jenkins and The Women’s Media Center:
Award winning journalist Carol Jenkins talks about her career and the creation and mission of The Women’s Media Center

Dating in the 21st Century:
Intergenerational panel discussion of college men and women and men and women of various ages about relationships now and in previous years.

Interview of Beth Meixner about her unique women’s business network

Women and Comedy:
Interview of comediennes Elaine Williams And Cara Amore

The Empty Nest:
Panel discussion with women whose children have grown including the “children” and how this time in all of their lives affects them and the family dynamic

9 Strong Women:
Interview of Blood Gang Member Jayda and how she is a positive force for change in gang ridden Newark, NJ with her organization 9 Strong women.

Monica and Dr. T:
Fitness for women made simple by orthopedist Dr. Arthur Thompson and Exercise Specialist Monica Stankard

Gender Bias in our Language:
Are we aware of what we are saying?

Societal Impact of the television show Sex and the City:
Intergenerational discussion of the television show

Interview with founder Joy Rose and her organization which supports “moms that rock”
Interview with Kristen Rowe Finkbeiner about the political action organization that she co-founded which advocates for mothers

Documentarian Sybil DelGaudio:
Dr. DelGaudio discusses her career and her Emmy Award winning documentary “Animated Women” which highlights independent women animation artists

Sixty, Sexy, Sassy and Free:
Interview of “Reinvention Hotshot” Ann Fry about her book by this name and her reinvention program

Marcia Pappas:
The president of the NY State chapter of NOW discusses efforts to pass the ERA on a state level

Musicologist Christine Gengaro:
Dr. Gengaro discusses women film composers